Naomi Green Capstone


For my Senior Capstone, I created a film about SLA. I always had an interest in film, but never truly had a chance to create a film of my choice. My goal was to create something for others not part of the SLA community to view and gain a better understanding of SLA Beeber. I began collecting small clips and videos for my film. Throughout my time filming, I also conducted research on how to use my iPhone to create a film and how to film creative shots for my movie. I conducted interviews and asked questions to get the full experience of someone part of the SLA community. I then began to edit and piece together a layout for my movie. I tried my best to use motion and music to relate to each other. I shared a portion of my video at New Family Night and everyone loved it. I am most proud of this because I worked very hard and ultimately my goal was to share with families and students interested in SLA. I hope to continue to share this video with new families in the future. I loved seeing everything come together. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!