Natural Disasters: Wildfires

Natural Disasters and Earth System Research
         ​My group and I decided to research wildfires. While creating the project, I found that there were some things about wildfires that I knew previously, and some things that I had not known. For example, I knew that humans are one of the main causes of wildfires, but I did not realize that a larger percentage of people than I thought started wildfires by committing arson. All in all, the project helped me to further my understanding of how Earth's systems affect each other. Each of the systems has an important role, and they bounce off of each other. For example, a fire can start in the biosphere, but it can cause carbon dioxide to travel to the atmosphere. By knowing this, and by knowing how wildfires are caused, we can take the actions to prevent them. Mostly, this is being careful around fires and flammable objects, being more knowledgeable about them, and spreading that information to others.