natural disasters and earth systems

How do the earth systems affect each other?: The earth system affects each other because when something happens to one system, it may have a last effect on multiple systems or even just one. Like for example, if there is bad air quality in the atmosphere, life in the biosphere might find it had to breathe, the solar radiation is reduced which cause water to evaporate at a slower rate, and for the geosphere, it can really harm the quality soil resources. So basically when something happens to one earth system, it has the last effect on multiple. 2. How can an understanding of environmental science aid in handling natural disasters? The understanding of environmental science can help to handle naturals disasters because if studying the conditions of what happens before a natural disaster is about to strike can help you prepare in advance. For example, when a thunderstorm hits, you can prepare for a tornado if a thunderstorm comes, sometimes a tornado follows depending on the conditions. 3. What efforts can we make to create a sustainable future? Some efforts we can make for a sustainable future are maybe learning more about Earth and how it works. While yes, people do know things and facts about the Earth, they don't know the effects of their actions and how they are harming the Earth. With more people being educated on environmental science and natural disasters and how to help the Earth, the quicker and better Earth can get better as a whole.