Nyzhae Wiggins Capstone

My name is Nyzhae, For my capstone, I started a program for kids between the ages of 5-8. I started this program because I feel that kids at those ages are very impressionable and they look up to people my age. I wanted to show them what a positive role model looks like, Over the course of two months I volunteered at daycare two or three times a week and created activities for the kids to do during the pandemic. Doing this project to give back to my community taught me a lot about myself as a person, I learned that I want a career that has something to do with children. I am going to college for Criminal Justice but I know I want to be a child advocate lawyer. Going to the park, laughing, participating in relay races, and drawing really was so riveting now that I am older I don't do those things anymore so being able to do those things and share those moments with the kids was an amazing opportunity. My main focus with this program was teaching the kids basic lessons such as learning to express their emotions in a positive way while still getting your point across, treating others how they want to be treated and most importantly respecting one another.