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Obasi Adams Capstone




For my project, I had decided to dive deeper into the true meaning of artistic concept in subconscious mind. All of the photos that I have decided to display below, were all photos that I wasn’t completely aware of what I had captured. I simply saw a moment and without determining whether or not it was a good shot, I took it. This kind of reaction is also present throughout all forms of artistic expression. When you’re drawing, you sketch something out without even paying attention to the fact that you are creating something and you are able to put the pieces together to create something grand. My project aims to display the reactiveness of the brain and as it relates to photography. I also aim to showcase the many things I have learned as photographer and present that to the world. Using photoshop, I have edited 10 of my pieces in various ways and had them printed on special kinds of paper. I then had them framed and submitted one into a contest to be displayed in Moore College Of Art And Design’s galleries in Philadelphia. I have worked really hard to produce these pieces and I hope others can heavily relate to my journey. I hope you enjoy the perspective of the photographs that I am presenting and I wish everyone luck through the long years we have ahead of us.

(piece that was entered in contest)
(piece that was entered in contest)

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