One Point Perspective: Room

  • Describe the room you drew. What is in it? In this room, there is a door leading outside, which is closed, and another door to the right that leads to another room. It also contains hardwood floors with a wool carpet and a coffee table on the carpet. This room has a skylight and and a window (window to the right) and the window has a plant in the sill.
  • What you have learned about one point perspective. I've learned that in one point perspective, rulers are your bet friend.
  • What you are most proud of in your room drawing. I'm most proud of the carpet and coffee table.
  • What you wish you could improve about your room drawing. I wish I could have added color to it.
  • One tip for someone doing this project next year. Make sure you take advantage of the time you have, in class, to work on this project. The due date may come back to bite you.