Online Survival Guide


Online I am the same person in a way as I am in the flesh.I like my online personality because it portrays me perfectly.Online I appear as a intelligent young lady as I am now on the outside world.I think people would percieve me as they percieve themselves because how you see others is a reflection of how you see yourself even if that person doesn’t have any bad reputations.

What I consider before posting online is what my grandmother would think of it.I only think of her because she doesn’t like certain things and as her first grandchild I try to respect her every need.

Some pros and cons of posting online is help a friend or peer out or disrespect a friend or peer.Most disrespect isn’t taken well online because people tend to be very ignorant and argue back.

Lack of control,permanence and  immediacy have an impact on our onlne lives because some online identities dont change and grow as the person  does.Immediacy is an issue because in person someone wouldn’t drag you into stupid drama as they would online.

My opinion on social media background checks by potential employers is go for it.I say this because in a way if you respect yourself on social media and your page is public then the employers can’t say anything because you are not disrespectful online and if they find something that they don’t like maybe that job isn’t the one for you.

Free speech is respect but then again different people have different preferences on what respect is.Free speech is freedom to say whatever you and put it in magazines and other things.Freedom of speech means that no one is protected until actions happen and someone gets physically hurt such as suicide or cutting in my opinion.Nothing is  protected when it comes to freedom of speech.

An internet troll is a mad man or a phychopath,someone who craves negativity and making others miserable online.The set goals of internet trolls is to disrupt comments online and make people angry and argue back because they are sick in the head.In my opinion there is no way to stop trolling because they are hidden and meant to blend in with regular people.The only way possible is to stop social media and that wll drive people crazy because god forbid we get up off of our phones and read a book.

Some pros of posting anonymously online is that you can post whatever you want good or bad.Some cons of posting anonymously online is that you can be disrespectful and no one can do anything about it whatsoever.I disagree with posting anonymously because if you can post and comment you can man up and show your face behind what you say.

Don’t post stupidity and things that cannot be backed by facts

Disregard social media as fast as you can!

Do not meet with people from social media at all.

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Gabrielle Culbreath (Student 2019)
Gabrielle Culbreath

I liked your first paragraph Especially the sentence "I think people would perceive me as they perceive themselves because how you see others is a reflection of how you see yourself even if that person doesn’t have any bad reputations."