Othello Adjepong Capstone

I am formally introducing myself, I am Othello Kwaku Amo Adjepong, I’m a 18 year old Ghanian American academic scholar, who is a gifted visual artist and a track runner. The son of Howard University graduates. Currently I am a upperclassman at (SLA Beeber) Science Leadership Academy at Beeber., who is currently an active member of many programs,Ctrl shift sponsored by Dell, Project Lyft Sponsored by Philadelphia Work Ready ,Cap program Sponsored by Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc, 100 Black Men of Philadelphia ,Penn (RSSA) Penn Rising Scholar Success Academy, UKG INC,USATF Track & Field, AAU Track & Field. I want to research programs that satisfy my quest for majoring in a field that I can be passionate about. I believe that I can gain a broader perspective on the college experience, get to meet other young people who share my zest for technology and social media and participate in a program that will allow me challenge my knowledge and learn something new. I am constantly searching for youtube videos, tutors and apps that will help me understand a math problem. However, I know that I have to put in the extra work to accomplish my goal and at my high school there are several teachers and resources to assist me in math. Not every student, especially black and brown students, are able to receive the needed support to make them feel confident in science and math. Hence, I believe this has a major impact on why there is a lack of diversity within the STEM community. Artificial intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by machines, as opposed to the natural intelligence displayed by animals including humans. In the next few years, AI will become an important part of our lives reaching the level of super intelligent machines to exceed human intellect. Some examples include opening the door of your hotel room without a key, but through facial recognition. This will become more efficient for humans. products delivered by smaller drones straight to your doorstep within minutes of placing an order. Companies save time and effort by automating their business processes and enable their employees to work more productively. A variety of AI software tools are used to make the business process much simpler and more effective. For example, software that recommends products to users in an e-commerce shop, chatbots, software that automates content marketing creating, tools that predict sales, etc. There’s no doubt that AI is a technology that will transform every business, every company, in every industry. Every future-oriented business needs an AI understanding and an AI strategy. Your AI strategy will help you achieve your business goals and create strong competitive advantages.AI has many benefits and applications in business. It powers customer service, ensures cybersecurity defense, performs data analysis, helps in customer care, reduces energy costs, predicts sales, helps businesses to be more customer-centric, etc.