Photo Journal
For this assignment i didn't really know what to expect. i had never heard of a tower garden so i was a little confused when I came and saw what it was.  Originally i had thought that it was just when  the seeds were growing over on the rack with the light. So i was very supposed and intrigued when we moved them to the real tower gardens in the corner. I also thought that the tower garden were really cool and i had been wondering what they were for a while back there.
I was kind of sad that i wasnt there the day when we planted seeds so i couldn't observe my own plant myself. regardless of this although i am having fun observing my group members and seeing how their plants are growing. I never knew that seeds could sprout so fast so to say i am intrigued is in understatement. 
I also think that tower gardens are very sustainable. It makes me wonder why people don't have them in their house. I feel like they would be great way to grow your own fresh and healthy food and help save money because you wouldn't be spending so much at the supermarket. It also makes me wonder is there anywhere  in philadelphia where they do practice using tower gardens.