Unit 1: In this unit, I have learned about natural systems and how they are sustained throughout the world. Along the way, I developed a better sense of how different systems bounce off of each other and require different inputs of energy to maintain consistency and health in all systems involved. Specifically, this is in Earth Systems and how each system affects each other and requires the assistance of one another to thrive, like how the biosphere needs the hydrosphere as a source of energy and how the geosphere needs the hydrosphere to stay strong and sustainable for all organisms in the biosphere. Over vast periods of time, these spheres work together to improve upon each other but have diminshed from human inputs. 

Unit 2: In this unit, I gained a clear view of what environmental justice is, and how it is centered around defending the environment because of how it affects us in the short/long run and all animals involved. It is about how one group's carelessness in one part of the world will immediately affect another group all the way across the world and will eventually strike them even harder. Humans in particular have a knack of using resources carelessly and refusing to put up efforts to restore such resources. In doing this, many areas across the globe become less sustainable and lose the proper nutrients needed to sustain life there. Ultimately, systems change over time because of the human inputs that affect them and how the each sphere interacts them in response, and finally how each sphere is, once again, diminished and destroyed.