My senior capstone was on the art of blacksmithing; a profession that is generally considered dead. And they are mostly correct as many things once forged by smiths are now mass-produced, yet there are exceptions. Today, some do it as a hobby, some do custom orders as a part-time, and a few even forge full-time, supplying tools or creating artwork for customers. My capstone was introducing forging to SLA@Beeber originally as an excuse to further my hobby. Through arduous efforts it became more than that. After getting past the expenses and resource limitations my capstone ended up being a mini-course for two other students. By now it became a sort of a private club but upon being asked if I would be coming back post-graduation to further the club, it became a foundation that this could become a mini-course. Now having exposed some students to it and receiving positive feedback and enthusiasm, I hope to further my capstone into a permanent and unique feature of SLA@Beeber. This journey has shown me the difficulty and also the joy of starting up something . It has also shown me how scary adult expenses are haha.