Poetry Project- Jaden McClain

The purpose of this project was to find a Spanish poet who wrote some famous poems or who were famous and analyzing them and their poems. For my project individually I choose a poet named Jose Marti, someone born in Havana, on the Northeast Coast of Cuba, on January 28, 1853. As a young boy he discovered his love for the arts, and broke that down to becoming a poet and focusing on literary talents. He mainly used his writing to bring Cuban Independence, and he was arrested during this attempt under the Spanish rule. Later in his life he became a professor at the National University or the Universidad Nacional. 
Overall, my grade reflects my work ethic on this project for the most part. I think this because I got a 85 out of 100. I think this because I worked on my project with hard work when I took the time to work on it, but at the same time I had many lazy moments where I got on the doc but didn’t do anything but procrastinate. During my time working on the project, I think I followed the project guidelines/description overall. I think this because I basically copied and pasted the template, and as I did my research for my project, I completed and replaced the template guidelines as I completed it. Though it may be somewhat generic, or simple as far as what things I did to complete it, the guidelines were followed. While doing this project I succeeded with on this project was finding accurate information about my poet, their history, and the background of the poem and why it was written the way it was written. This helped me a lot when trying to write about my poet and it helped me do the reflection, because it made it easy for me to make the necessary connections between his past life and my current life. Though I did okay with the process of completing this project, some obstacles I faced on this project were my time management. I was busy trying to do things outside of school, and I was not properly using the time I had in school all the time to make sure it was done to exceed expectations. This was an obstacle for me because I ended up within the day of the project being sick, and I was not in the mood to do any work but if I had used my time wisely, I would not have had a problem with completing it or just simple turning it in well before it was due.
In the end my process of this project was good, but overall it could have been better.