Prescription Drug Abuse PSA - Zack and Emanuel​

Our video is essentially a breakdown of the common types of prescription drugs that are being abused and how these epidemics came to be/affect the country. We researched the effects of all three major classes of prescription drugs and found out how the government is attempting to handle issues revolving around prescription drugs. For our interview, we talked to a woman who leads an organization that promotes the battle against prescription drug abuse. Honestly I didn’t have a good reason to chose this topic, I just thought it would be an interesting thing to research.

I created the video for this project and wrote some of the script.

I think we did a good job creating the script to inform people about the facts of these drugs instead of just saying “these are bad”. I think we could have asked her more specific questions about the different drugs that we were looking at as we only got general statements about two of the main types.

For me the most meaningful part of the process was getting to interview with someone so passionate about what they believed in.