Project Q2- Computer science

My project that I chose to do for Q2 is computer sciences. So basically what we did was to do some of the most basic coding using the kernel program. What that is to explain it is a dog that move on a grid and throughout the entire lessons that I did taught me to do things like move around pick things up make it simpler for me to do an action instead of having to write out a very long codes for something that can be solved very easily. Something that I had a problem with in this project is that during some of the lessons I had to figure out what to do for mobile worlds but I couldn’t quite figure out what I needed to do until I got to the lesson that explained what I had to do. If I were to give anyone any type of advice on this I would say that you should alway try to talk to people who are also doing what you are. Don't worry you will be able to work on it later and also later lesson will help you to complete the lesson that you have problems with. So have fun with it is all I am trying to say and never give up. Terrance out M8's.