Public Health and the Epidemiology of Eye and Vision Care

In the contents of our video, the video contains a skit and an interview. The skit consisted of Terrance losing his footing on the steps since he can't see and I crashing into a locker since I was squinting my eyes. The interview consisted of audio from the interview and images that display eyes. The interviewee in the video was Dr. Rachel Bishop who is an ophthalmologist at the National Eye Institute. The rationale as to why we picked vision and eye care because we believed that the public wasn't getting attention to what might happen to their eyes. To how I contributed to this project and the role I played, I managed to contact and gain an interviewee for the video and interview a person in their actual profession. What I did well was interviewing Dr. Bishop and what I could do well is improve the quality of the video. The most meaningful part of the experience of creating a PSA is making the audience have their attention toward the message of the PSA.