Q2 Benchmark- Oil Spills PSA

https://youtu.be/nYCveiLGZjQ In our PSA, we discussed the oil spill crisis that is caused by companies and machines and how it affects us as humans, marine life and animals. We chose this topic because it was the most interesting to learn about and it goes into the topic of climate change which as a group we believe is very important. On this project, I made sure that everyone was on the right page and we had a task to do for each class we had to work on the project. I made sure that I recorded my parts of the project which was the intro, some facts and the outro of the video. I believe the video was okay however, it could have been better if I spoke up and if the quality of the video was better. The most meaningful part of creating this PSA was to see how we can make a change. There are oil absorbent sponges that can prevent animals from dying and humans from getting sick which I believe is important that my group was able to show the class how serious and important oil spills are.