Q2 Benchmark Reflection

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vlnICQPftc The topic of choice for our video was littering and how it greatly affects the environment as well as the plants, people, and animals in it. We gave evidence and facts about the way littering does affect different communities and why it's a huge problem. My group and I noticed how people don't really think of littering as such a big deal and doesn't realize the damage it is doing to our communities so we felt it was important to being informative on its' negative impacts on our communities. I played a role in the video as someone clueless as to to what littering does to the environment, I also gave some additional ideas on locations of recording and made sure I participated well in the group. I think I did a good job in doing my part in terms of completing checkpoints, participating in the group and being in the video, as well as helping where help was needed. I probably could've gave a bit more input on the script and recordings but all in all it turned out well. The most meaningful part in creating the PSA to me was finding out all of the issues and negative impacts littering has. I figured it had a bad influence on communities but I didn't realize how much damage it could do to not only our environment but everything in it including humans, so it was interesting, I learned a lot.