Q2 Littering Benchmark

In our project, we made a video relating to the littering problem here in philly. We made the video look similar to the recycling promo video on the media, but with some twists that make it funny, interesting and very educative. In the video we talk about how littering affects both the environment and people and everything in between. The reason why we choose littering as a topic was due to us acknowledging the fact that there is a lot of people who litter the streets of Philadelphia. Because of this, we wanted to know just how bad the problem is world wide, how much does it affect people and if there is anything we could do to fix the problem. In the project I contributed by promoting ideas, helping out in the slideshow and questions and also organizing the project overall. In the project I feel i did well in my acting as well as in being able to give proper ideas that were used in the project and video. However, I believe that the most meaningful part of the whole PSA was when we showed the statistics of the problem and showed just how evident this thing happens and how we can do specific actions to stopping the problem.