Q4 Amedeo Modigliani-Cinque

Cinque H
Cinque H

Ever since I visited the Barnes Foundation a few years ago I fell in love with my favorite artist, Amedeo Modigliani. I like his simplicity and abstract drawing of people. This would include his dramatic exaggeration of people’s narrow/long heads and necks. For someone like myself who does not have much knowledge of art, Modigliani’s paintings are very identifiable compared to other artists’ works.

In the art piece I selected (“Jeanne Hebuterne with Hat and Necklace”) a woman is positioned in the middle of the space looking off into the distance. There is a window in the far corner of the picture and possibly a sofa on which she is seated. She is wearing a simple hat, a necklace, and a blouse. Her right hand is draped over the side of the couch in a relaxed position.

With this piece I tried to replicate the original sketch but changed the color scheme. The original was kind of dark and gloomy with earth tones.I tried to experiment with my palette by trying different combinations of colors.  In my sketch I tried to use brighter colors that had contrasts of warm and cool tones. I also chose to eliminate some of the elements in the background so I focused more on the woman’s face and body.

In conclusion, I am delighted with the finished work. I felt I put a good amount of time and effort into really looking at the original and then trying to reinterpret it in my own way. I feel that I successfully created the picture I had imagined.