Q4 Benchmark - Cindy Perez-Nieto


This quarter I enjoyed working on the project because I have felt stressed about the quarter since it started. I really wanted to work on something that wouldn’t stress me out because I was learning how to use the new materials or how to draw something complicated. I chose to work on something that relaxed me and helped me think as I was drawing and coloring.

My project for this quarter was to draw a tree with the four different seasons. It was supposed to show how the tree changing throughout the year correlates with how we also change. We change a lot as the years go by and when we think we already know enough about life, we don’t. Trees change also as the year goes by but they are still the same them. We are still the same but with knowledge and wisdom.

I most proud of taking my time and being very organized with this project. I was in charge of making my own time and schedule to turning in my checkpoints. I think this was a really good way in learning how to be organized without having the teacher be on your back about the assignments. It was a way to give us a little taste on how college life might be.

In conclusion, this project went really well and I am glad I got to work on something that relaxed me throughout this entire quarter. A lot of people helped me out with my project too by giving me insights on how to make it better. I was able to do a even better job on it.