Q4 Benchmark Final

The video we created was a PSA containing two types of information. We first had an skit that consisted of the people in or group protesting on the street saying information relating to urban gardening. Then it would soon switch to an interview were took at an actual community/city urban garden. We asked them a lot of question based on our previous checkpoints to make a 21 minute interview.


To this group I contributed plenty by taking part of how we were going to do the skit; the basic idea of what we were doing. I also helped by including at least three questions to ask during the interview we would soon accomplish. I was also present in the video and the recordings.


I think our interview went perfectly because of the questions we had, the amount of care the people displayed, and the responses we got. I feel like our commercial could be better (If I had to pick an area of improvement). I’m not sure in a specific area, because I think it’s fine, but I don’t think it had the same flow of information as the interview (Even though it was 21 minutes). But I'm still very pleased with the skit.


The most meaningful part of the PSA was doing the interview, because I learned a lot of things from the questions i asked. I was very interested and it made m plan in my head that “when I get my own apartment, I will definitely have some kind of garden in my backyard”. Even after the interview, off camera, I asked another question because I was genuinely interested. It was about what kind of water was used to fuel water plants (WHICH DOESN’T NEED SOIL!).


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