Teen Pregnancy : Public Health Concern

Reflection: Quarter 4 Benchmark was very interesting. My group and I had to pick a topic and create a PSA guide and organize a interview video of this topic. Nick, Jada and I all came up with the topic “Teen Pregnancy” to cover and be aware of. We researched the statistics of teen pregnancy, the risk to be aware of, and tips of staying healthy while pregnant. Our information was mainly for the mothers because they are carrying the baby for 9 months and have to stay healthy for the baby. Teen pregnancy is a trending topic and have always been an issue around the world. I have a few friends who had a child at a young age, and I we wanted to understand what they went through. Having a child is a blessing, but at a young age is also risky which is basically what my project covered. My group and I worked great together. For this project we divided it up into parts and then put it all together in the end. My assignment for this project was to organized the interview and make it happen. I wrote down the questions with the help of one of my other partners and then we both interviewed one of our classmates who had a child at a young age. I believe I did a great job and don’t need to change anything if I have this project again. Nevertheless, Creating the PSA was really meaningful to me. Many young ladies are having children at a young age and don’t understand the risk until after they are pregnant or so on. The rates of teen pregnancy rates are going up and down. Our goal is to mostly help the rate come down, but it that doesn't work at least broadcasting the information will help. Information is always easy to get when it comes to this topic. Making sure the mother and her child contain a healthy 9 months is always the goal. For more information that isn’t provided is always best to ask your doctor. Doctors and local clinics always provide information and tips on what and what not to do.

Q4 Final Benchmark Pulblic health