Q4 Benchmark Project - Sierra Harvey

Sierra H
Sierra H

I did a recreation of a painting by jean michel basquiat I decide to do his painting because i like like his style of art also it seem like a piece of work that would like to do in the future. I started by getting a base for my painting I wanted to do it on something that was kinda hard do it could resemble walls since he dose graffiti art. After that I painted the background red since that’s how it is in his picture Next I outlined his drawing on the card stock so I could paint it. After that I outline the lines so that it could stand out more. Lastly I painted over the whole thing in yellow so it would look like the painting. From doing this paint I learned that doing painting that don’t represent something is okay it doesn't always have to have a meaning.

While I was working on this painting some obstacles I ran into was that I had to use specific colors so that the painting would be look like the original which was hard because I had to mix color together to get the perfect color.

I am most of proud of how much my painting looks the original also the colors are the same.