Q4 Urban Gardens Benchmark

Our video is composed of various topics related to Urban Gardening. We interviewed members of the Greensgrow Farm and asked them about urban gardening, and different components of it. Some include; How do you define a garden? What is your role in the garden? What inspires you to garden and farm? & What is the best way to sustainably manage the garden? We also delve into topics such as GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and pH levels in urban gardens. We chose these topics to talk about in our interview because we believe that they are important for both producers AND consumers to know about what pertains to the food they are growing or eating. I played a role in writing our interview for the Greensgrow Farm members, and in the preliminary research we did. I think I did well in working with my group and getting our checkpoints and materials ready on time. I would have liked to be more involved in the interview process, and it helping put together our final product. The most meaningful part of creating this PSA, to me, was learning more about urban gardening - what it is, how it works, who can do it, and how it plays a role in our society. We could tie this into our essential questions this year, like "what is a garden?" Urban gardening is just one type of garden that is very meaningful and beneficial to those who participate and the ones this positivity reaches out to. Many factors can affect urban gardening, such as location, healthiness/nutrients provided in the soil, pH, and air quality. In schools, factors such as these apply, and things like management planning of the garden during breaks from school, when no one is around. This is why community gardening is so important - it brings together a community to help a common cause amongst them, for the better. Thanks to Greensgrow Farm on Cumberland Avenue for the amazing opportunity!