Qtr 4 Art Benchmark

1) Describe your project.
My project was to use experiments and have some fun designing shoes. The purpose was to see what I can get out of this since I had never done this before.

2) What did you learn while completing this project?

I had to learn what type of markers would be best or would not be. Washable markers did not work, so I had to use permanent markers like Sharpie brand. I also, learned that I had to barely touch the shoe when trying to design because the markers bleed through so fast that I couldn’t press too hard because the colors would spread thickly. I had to dab sometimes to make the marker come out thin.

3) What was the hardest part about completing this project?

The hardest part was trying to hold the shoe was writing on it. I was so focused on trying to hold the sneaker in a right position so that my hand would not smear the shoe. But, also at the same time I was trying to make sure the marker tip was not being pressed too hard so that the color would come out very thick.

4) What was the most fun/exciting part?

The exciting part was when I was finally done. I looked online a lot and I had fun finding so many inspirations as to what designs to do. I could not pick one so I did a mixture of multiple designs.

5) If you were to do this project over again, what would you do differently?

If I was to do this project differently I would either do a graffiti theme just because the designs that I seen looked amazingly, but I just felt like I wasn’t ready for that beings though this was my first time. Also, I think I would use paint to see if I could get a different outcome or find out different techniques needed.  

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