Quarter 1 Benchmark

In this benchmark, I had to draw a portrait. My portrait is revolved around my brother and how his disability has affected not only him but me too. My art communicates how stressful it was for my brother growing up especially with his disability. Growing up I was aware of how my family would be constantly worried about my brother and I always thought they wouldn’t give him space to breathe. 
The materials I used were paper, and charcoal to complete my art. It took me awhile to get used it to it since charcoal is really black and when I wanted to colour in a light it was a struggle. Overall, I was able to use it and get the hang of it. 
My current work relates to my previous work because it is a part of me that I am revealing to the people. I decided to use charcoal because dark colours are my thing and I wanted to represent something personal that wasn’t happy. 
The process I went through to complete my art was a struggle. I would get stuck on what to draw to represent what I felt, what my brother felt and how what he felt affected me. When I would get stuck I would ask Ms.Hertz a way I can express myself and she would suggest me ideas. 
An artist that inspired me was Frida Khalo. She went through a lot and even though my story isn’t as tragic as hers I could still relate in some way. 
A certain technique that is important to my art is how the charcoal surrounds my brother and it puts him in the spotlight. Without it, there wouldn’t be any point in my art since it would just be blank. I am trying to make a statement. 
I am most proud of taking my time and giving a lot of thought into this project. I wouldn’t have expressed my thoughts in any other way because sometimes it’s hard to express your thoughts talking. I will forever be proud of my artwork. I would change how big his head was. I would have liked to add more details and tried to express my thoughts a little clearer. 
In conclusion, this project was a great way for me to represent my thoughts and feelings. I learned how to use new material and I am glad I did. This project was a great way to show how everyone feels and maybe even let out some stressed because of all the classes we have and assignments.