Quarter 1 Project : Artist Statement


As an aspiring artist I want to create artwork that people can look at and say “ Wow, She Worked Hard On That”. Some people think that they have to have experience , or know how to draw in order to create beautiful artwork. But I create art to show them that you don’t have to know how to make art to make art, all you need is inspiration and imagination.

In order to come up with an idea for my next piece of art I do some self searching and a little bit of inspiration searching as well. Most of my art pieces consists of my favorite colors or something that I think represents me and the community I live in. Materials come after I make my theme decision, depending on how it looks that's how I decide if it’ll look better painted or drawn. Most of the time I would decide to do something big that everyone will be able to see, and other times I would just use a simple canvas.

The picture that is posted above is my current work, nothing special. Like I said it just consisted of my favorite colors and I made it big enough for everyone to see. I used geometry as my inspiration, just because working with shapes and knowing how to incorporate different shades of one color is something that I've wanted to try. None of my past work is in relation to this one.