Quarter 4 Benchmark: Motor Vehicle Injuries

The overall topic of our video was Motor Vehicle Injures and why it is a public health issue. Our country is a world leader in motor vehicle crashes and injuries simply for the fact that people don’t typically wear their seatbelts. This is what causes tragedies and casualties. I contributed to the group by getting the majority of our sources back in Checkpoint 1. What I’ve done well, in my opinion, was finding our background research and contributing ideas for our PSA video. What could’ve been done differently was the communication between my group members and I. Some didn’t know what we were doing on certain checkpoints and some were lost but overall, we all pitched in making our PSA video. My group member, Anaiah, was in charge of editing since she’s experienced. The most meaningful part of the experience of making the PSA was gathering information and now knowing that statistics of M.V.I. that happen in the U.S.

Factors that affect public health is social support, income, race, gender, heredity/genetics, age, education/literacy, etc. The economy plays a part in public health by health programs receiving funding to help people in the community and to fund research for diseases. Politics play a part by legislative policies setting down the ground rules for insurance companies and health facilities to help patients the best they can and have their interests at heart so that we could have a healthy society. Society plays a part by keeping the health facilities in business to help keep them healthy and safe. Without a community, hospitals and clinics would have no patients. Society helps keep the facilities up and running so that everyone can be safe.