Quarter 4 Project - The Amazing Pushbutton w/Arduino

1) Describe your project.

I used an Arduino circuit board to create a button which changes a signal which is being sent from the board to the computer

2) What did you learn while completing this project?

How to set up a circuit board to send a proper signal and some coding so the desired objective of the button would work..

3) What was the hardest part about completing this project?

Trying to get the circuit board to work after a few days of checking the code and the wiring

4) What was the most fun/exciting part?

The most exciting part was finally getting the board to work after days of trying to get the code and the wiring on the board to work.

5) If you were to do this project over again, what would you do differently?

Know more about how to set up the board so I have more time for the project.