Queren Villegas Capstone/ Making Music

My passion for the art of music has always been a part of me, however, it was not until I was fourteen that I truly composed my first lyrics and kept writing up to now. This year I really wanted to challenge myself and combine skills I have and are not necessarily my forte in the area of music. Although singing and writing lyrics have always been a thing of my own, composing an instrumental is not easy for me. It took me making three soundtracks before coming to the one that felt right. However, the feeling of producing my own sound was beyond words. Having to put so much effort, along so much frustration it was a proud day.
The lyrics themselves changed too as recording took multiple days. I had my area set up in which I worked. A small microphone, my laptop open and my lyrics on paper taped to my desk. It was my safe place, in which I spent hours and hours on end. Completing the song was a tough one, but definitely worth. Every hour, every minute was me doing something I love. Seeing the proud face of those close to me when they heard it made me blush a pink stronger than that of a strawberry. Making a song all on my own has been a vision of mine since middle school and finally accepting that I am good at what I do is forever a process I will never forget and cherish
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