Raven Johnson Capstone

African American history is something that is so rich and filled with culture that everyone should learn about it. Especially African Americans. When you are a child your brain gathers almost all the information you know as an adult. Studies even show that children learn the most at ages early as 2 to 5 years old. So why are we not teaching our African American children about their people? The problem is that many grade school children only learn black history during black history month. Unlike high schools, African American history is not required to move onto the next grade, so often history teachers do not go the extra mile to teach this subject. Children unfortunately only learn what they are taught during the short four weeks of black history month, and whatever is in the usually, old, and European based history book. Also, this history is often shown in the wrong light. During black history month the main focus is the civil rights movement and the so-called “main” people involved. People such as Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, and Malcolm X. These are all great people but there could be so much more. I want to change this. For my capstone, I decided that I would create a club teaching children about black history that we didn't learn in school. We met up every Wednesday for about a month and eventually I will be taking these children to the African American history museum in downtown Philadelphia

I didn’t use many sources for my club because all the information I taught was information that I’ve come to learn over the years. I wanted this class to be very personal and not really feel like class for the kids. Here are a few sources I used to help. The Philadelphia MOVE Bombing.” Stuff You Missed in History. N.p., May 2017. Web. This article is an article about the move bombing that happened on philadelphia in 1985. This was one of the things i taught the children during one of our classes. Like many of the subjects i taught, i already knew about this subject. I simply used this article to brush up on the subject. As well as seeing if their was anything i didn’t know or might have missed.

The Bombing of West Philly. YouTube.com. N.p., 19 Jan. 2014. Web. This is a video about the move bombing. One of the subject that i taught the kids was this so i used it as one of my resources. I showed the kids that were a bit older and that i think could handle it the video and then i asked their opinions. I also watched the video myself to see if their was anything different i could learn myself.

Holmes, Corie. “10 Ways to Get Your Child Excited to Learn.” TopTenReviews. N.p., 14 Apr. 2017. Web. This is an article on how to get kids to like learning. I read this because i’m not super experienced in teaching kids so i figured this would definitely help me out with my teachings. I used some of the strategies listed to try to keep the kids engaged and wanting to learn about what i had to say. I also tried to kiddy down the subject to not be as harsh but more informative