Raynaline Torres Capstone

My partner and I, Anisa Johnson, have been working on our capstone for the past two years. For our final project at SLA we decided to use our mini course BIYB (bask in your beauty). We decided this to show the awareness we created and shine a light on how much we accomplished as a team within two years. This mini course met between 1:25-2:25pm every Wednesday. During this time period we had discussions, activities, and sometimes a free class where the girls decided what we would do. The goal for Anisa and I was to have younger girls in the SLA community realize the beauty that they had in themselves. to be content, and most importantly keep them on track with school. This class is open to anyone who is interested and I was so happy to see the diversity in the girls. I feels great knowing I have more then 15 girls looking up to me and it feels even better that I was able to do this with Anisa.The goal is not reached yet. Although I am graduating, the goal is for the class to continue on and to continue to prosper in its purpose.