Rocky's Artwork

I have created an avocado because I felt that drawing food would have been an easy thing to draw. I was hoping to achieve to make a drawing that would represent what I love to do and what my vision is. I think it communicates with color to the viewer because the colors make my drawing pop out. I think I achieved making the seed of the avocado 3-dimensional. I think I also achieved with using my colors appropriately and in a useful way. My current work relates to my previous work because of the 3-dimensional use of shapes and the use of colors. One example of a piece of contemporary art that compares to my art is Adam Belt. Because of his use of shapes and texture to make his drawing and sculptures.

A process I used to create my work was I first searched a fruit that seemed easy to me to draw. Then, I drew the avocado to see how it would then after that I started to analyze my colors to see how I could use them. After that whole process, I realized that my avocado could turn out like how I wanted it to turn out. One source that inspired my work is Adam Belt. On this link it shows his work and the use of shapes, texture, and use of definition in his work. This really inspired me to create this avocado. My work reflects the world I live in because it expresses the creativity that happens in today’s society. It reflects my life because it shows how hard I’ve worked on it. It reflects my experiences because in the drawing you can see that I used some of the stuff I have learned. My work can influence the world by just seeing how hard I’ve worked and tried to create the painting can influence others to try. A certain technique is important to the work because it can help you to get a good feel out of creating the work. For example, detailing, glazing, palette knife, etc. These techniques are helpful in making your piece of art. A technique that I learned is palette knife. I experimented with color mixing techniques which is what I used to make the colors for my drawing.

In conclusion, I used a lot of ways to show what I was aiming for in making this piece of art. I know it’s not the best painting but I want people to know how hard I worked on this painting. I hope that everybody enjoys.