Samantha Green's Capstone.

For my senior capstone I wanted to bring awareness to students about their peers, the types of environments they come from, and how they affect their success. I had trouble trying to come up with something that would make the most sense and be the most impactful for the SLA community and the depth of understanding struggles from a students perspective to a teachers. So for my capstone I worked with Ayanna Russell and we decided to share our stories throughout of four years of high-school about how we survived our dysfunctional families, and how we've came about our success. Throughout us relating our experiences to dysfunctional families, we researched about it and came across things that were experienced first hand or we see everyday. The product of our project is a slide show, with a ted talk of Ayanna and I. We learned that no matter what you have came from, and no matter what you see always encourage, uplift and be the change you want to see in your community.The things that we researched we see everyday, and we realized that some people just need that encouragement or support.