Samuel Igiozee - Video Documentary

Before I decided on doing work on a video documentary, I had to think of an idea that the school has seen before. The idea of a documentary came to mind but there were ideas of documentaries before which meant that I have to change it differently. But, I knew I couldn’t work alone so I asked my friend, Asaad, if he can help me out with the process of making a documentary. He agreed and we got to work. We needed to figure out what would be the purpose of the documentary and how is it going to be structured. I was thinking that maybe not many people know about the SLA @ Beeber. We decided that we were going to use the video for school recognition. We got to work on collecting interviews from student and teacher alike and it seemed as though we would be finished before the capstone project due date. But, everything came awry when we lost the some of the footage that was stored in the cameras. I brought in my USB Drive in order to make sure that we don’t lose anymore remaining footage and future footage. Asaad and I also faced some problems of interview scheduling. Many teachers were very busy when it came to interviewing them. But, me and Asaad managed to overcome these challenges and got the video documentary done. The video was displayed at the capstone showcase along with other projects.