Sanaa Carter Capstone

I created a fitness and nutrition website for my senior project, with the goal of encouraging general health and well-being. I discovered the many benefits of regular exercise through thorough research, highlighting its good influence on physical and mental well-being. Acknowledging the need for suitable warm-up routines, especially for beginners, I emphasized them as a necessary component of any workout. I developed particular warm-up activities focused on people new to fitness to give a safe and successful starting point. In addition to exercise, I researched the health benefits of including fruit juices in a person’s diet, highlighting the role they play in overall health. I want to persuade people to make healthier eating choices by emphasizing their nutritional importance. Throughout the process, I realized my talent for quickly and successfully developing original ideas. When faced with obstacles or issues that need creative solutions, I discovered that I was capable of developing unique ideas on the spot. Using my knowledge and abilities, I devised unique and successful answers to any challenges that came throughout the creation of my senior project.