Saraa Fadl Senior Capstone

For my Senior capstone, I want to create and implement a year-long girls soccer practice because I want to make a change in my Sudanese community. This initiative would be a Sudanese girls version of Starfinder, a soccer-based youth development program that I have been part of for the past four years. Playing soccer, and being part of Starfinder has had a big impact on my life, and I would like to pass what I have learned onto other girls in my community. I am a soccer girl and I have been that way for most of my life. However, I am one of the very few Sudanese girls that actively plays soccer all year long. I want more girls to have the same opportunity to play and benefit from the sport the way that I have. 
         To successfully complete this project, I have the help of my best friend, Razan. She is also a Sudanese American girl who plays soccer for her high school team. My goals for this project are to teach young girls the discipline and life skills that can be learned through soccer, and most importantly, how to have fun! Through this project I realized that it took a number of people to make things happen; to make a change. I also learned that there should be alternatives if something doesn't go the right way. Overall, I feel like I'm close to achieving my goals of teaching my girls how to play soccer.