Sarah's Social Media Guide

When you search my name online. The only thing that pops up is “Sahara Sams” the waterpark in New Jersey. When people type in my username, they find my twitter. On twitter i appear as just a girl that mostly retweets other people's tweets. I think people perceive me as just a normal teenage girl that has a twitter honestly. When I’m considering what I post, I mostly think about what my friend’s will think, but I do take in consideration of what if my parents or teachers would see it. So I don’t post anything offensive or insulting on my social media. One of the pros of sharing online is that you can share things easily with friends or can even make friends online. Yet one of the cons is when you post something online and delete it. It’s still on the internet, and can stay online. You can also have complete access to people. Lack of Control, Permanence, and Immediacy have ruined people's lives and affected the way people will perceive them.  When it comes to background checks on potential employers, I don’t really mind if somebody checks my social media since i don’t post anything I should be ashame of. I believe your employer is allowed to search up you up because it’s your choice how you present yourself online, and since it is online everyone sees it anyway. Free speech is the freedom of speaking, however you cannot say everything that you want to say. Things like speaking your own mind are protected, but if your opinion is offending or hurting someone or picking a fight, that is not protected by freedom of speech. A internet troll is someone who finds entertainment of making people frustrated or angry. They can make mocking posts and offence people just for the fun of it. To stop people like this, we can spread more ice comments around to people, and when if people are trolling you, ignore it. When posting anonymously online, a pro is since nobody knows who you are, people can now talk about sensitive and non-talked about topics. A con is people can leave mean and hurtful comments and nobody would know it was them. My three tips of using the internet are: One ) Treat people the way you want to be treated. Two ) If someone is having a bad day help them out. Three) If you see bullying happening report them immediately.

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Alexander Delgado (Student 2019)
Alexander Delgado

I agree fully to what you said in your social media survival guide, and the point that everything is from your own opinion makes the reading better. I do not see what could/ is wrong in your post so it is really well made and you should keep up the good work. Keep calm and carry on!