Senior Capstone One On One Nursing.Ashley,Jorge.

For our capstone, we wanted to create something that everyone will be able to benefit from as well as ourselfs due to this being our last year at Science Leadership Academy at Beeber. We wanted to make our mark on the school that's where my partner and I had come up the idea of creating a small workshop, during lunch that will involve STD and HIV.We also we are going to put our interview  that we took at the clinic center so we are able to show students a good a real-life example of this disease and how important public health is we are also creating a website that we will present to the school so we hope this answer all the questions that anyone may have about this type of diseases. The reason for us to create a website was that we strongly felt as if nobody in this generations doesnt likes to read books anymore so we made it easier since the internet is very useful when getting information across the world.

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