Shaiann DesVignes Capstone

My capstone is “How is music connected to memory?(High school experience)” My main goal, while doing my capstone was to see what connections could I make using music and my peers around me. I had two main agendas: Too see how music is connected to memory Also to conduct a social experiment to see what specific songs are connected to  specific high school experiences. I hope to learn how others in my age group cop with emotional feelings through their music choices. This project will enable me to talk to a vast amount of students at SLA that I was unable to talk to before. By the end of this project I hope to spark some ideas within my community about music and making musical connections. My process was: Identifying what I wanted my goal to be. Identifying what kind of social experiment I can conduct to help my topic. I researched what I wanted to ask people, and how I was going to ask them(my approach). Finding out what I wanted my final to be (playlists/posters), and actually conducting the project. My product was playlists for 3 moods, and posters that I put around the school to spread awareness about the playlist.  I learned more about my peers and more about what specific songs do for people, and how it connects to experiences and memories.