Shanih Miller Capstone

For my Capstone project, titled “Self-Expression: Embedding Healthy Habits at a Young Age,” I developed a mini-course aimed at fostering healthy habits of self-expression in lower school children. Through interactive activities such as journaling, coloring, and vision boards, I provided students with outlets to express their emotions and learn effective communication skills. Drawing on research highlighting the negative consequences of inadequate self-expression resources for children, I aimed to address this issue and promote emotional intelligence and self-awareness. By incorporating techniques like color psychology and daily reading check-ins, I sought to equip children with the tools to identify and manage their emotions. Throughout the project, I discovered the value of teaching children healthy expression habits and the positive impact of activities like dancing, dream boards, and journaling. Following a lesson plan that included journaling, analyzing inspirational quotes, and engaging in creative activities like painting, I witnessed positive reactions from the students and fostered an environment where they felt heard and understood. By providing students with options and opportunities for collaboration, I enhanced their engagement and sense of control over their education. The project highlighted the importance of teaching healthy self-expression habits to children, laying the foundation for their personal and social development while preparing them for a brighter future.