Shawn Brooks' Capstone Inspirational Women of SLAB

This is my senior Capstone Project. For my Capstone Project, I decided to dedicate it to inspirational women in society who strive to make a difference by setting examples for others to follow. My original project was going to be a play about my life and its challenges. However, after a conversation with my mentor, Ms.Burrow-Stone, my plans for my Capstone changed. The women in my life, my mother and my maternal grandmother, have played such a significant role in my life that it is impossible to ignore it. As a matter of fact, pretty much women around the women have proved to be significant to society as they continue to try to push past discrimination and other limitations.
    When I first started this project, I had to ask myself a question: Why women so important to me? Women are so important in my life because the role that my mother and late grandmother played. This then became the foundation for my project. I did some so research to find out what makes a woman inspirational and I was able to make connections between the research and the women in my life. As apart of my research, I conduct a survey in which I had members of the SLAB community about who was their most inspirational women in their life. I also include some research about women discrimination and gender inequality. All of this was done to show that why we need to appreciate women even more so.