Sianni Wood Capstone

For my capstone, I paired up with Mekhya Johnson and we donated clothes and shoes to the covenant house. The covenant house is a center that houses homeless teenagers. We decided to do this because we wanted to help those who can't help themselves. Throughout the process, we faced some difficulties. In the beginning, it was difficult for some people to donate so we started to reach out to outside sources such as our family members and the people in our community. For the final product, we received 12 pairs of gently worn shoe and 78 particles of clothing. Throughout this project, I learned a lot about the difficulties behind being a teenager. I thought my life was hard but there are teenagers out there with no support system at all and no one to run to when they are in trouble. School could be the least of their troubles. They are neglected by their parents and forced to raise themselves. They are pregnant and alone with no source of income or help. They are stuck in the streets with no way out. They are homeless and depressed. I met with some of these teenagers and talked with them and it made me appreciate what I have at home and all the things I am able to do. It made me want to give much more than clothes and shoes.