Social Media Survival Guide

On social media I am Rachel McCann or Rachel isn’t McCann, I appear as a crazy/ caring person in some people’s eyes others a sad  little girl. People see me this way because of status I post on facebook, or the pictures I post on instagram. Some people think this of me because of my appearance others because they actually know me. I consider everything before I post anything on facebook. Pros of sharing online is you get to show everyone my favorite pictures and share great times. Cons of sharing online people can take it the wrong way or make fun of you. Once you put something online you can NEVER take it down. Either good or bad it will haunt you for the rest of your life, it follows you. It’s like a bad dream that you can never wake up from.

Free speech is what we can say and not get in trouble, like we can protest but it needs to be a peaceful one once itn becomes violent we broke the law. 3 tips on social media are: DO NOT POST ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR PRIVATE LIFE, if you are going to have a good time with your friends don't post it on social media, and ALWAYS think about what you are about to post.

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