Spanish Projects Konstantina Angelis

spanish presentation  (1)
Spanish presentation-10-7-14
​"The things above are the past projects I have done this year in Spanish 2. The first project is a eulogy for the day of the dead. I chose to make a mask representing my father. The second one is two poems we had to create. The first poem is about regret and the second poem is about my father. In the third project it is a book another classmate and I created. The book is about a boy named Carlos who has a dream about his first day at school the night before his first day of school. In the fourth project it is a video of a Spanish news report. I also collaborated with another classmate for this project too. In the video we describe the weather, fashion and health for Philadelphia. In the fifth project I created a power point that shows a couple of sentences using Ser and Estar in different forms." 
                ~Konstantina Angelis