Street Art

The title of our artwork is “Different Stages”. It means that everyone is different and everyone is developing in different ways and at their own pace. This artwork was inspired by our friendship. For a long time we have been trying to see how we can all be the same, until we realized that we are all at different stages and we came to a conclusion that from our different stages and we will soon grow into our full potential. So we all agreed to draw the a flower growing through its different stages until it was full grown.

Our work is displayed on the right side of the third floor on the blue wall across from the windows. We chose this location because it was an area that was empty, which meant the viewer's attention will be focused on our work.The  blue background made the image pop more also.

Before this project, we didn't think very deeply about art. In the beginning, we didn’t think art really had a deep meaning. But now since we experience the critical thought process we understand that art has a bigger purpose than to just be seen. We also learned that we can use our lives as inspiration for our artwork. The way we viewed street art change as well, we no longer just see patterns and bold colors it is now more of a statement trying to be perceived that was carefully thought out and planned.