Survival Guide

  1. The internet’s communication has changed a lot. Before people just used to send emails now people chat on all different types of websites. Now people use google hangouts to text and to video chat.

  1. Immediacy means how fast a comment can travel from the internet. I think permanence is when you put something on the internet and it stays there. Lack of Control is when you don’t have control over what you post.  They affect your offline life because that’s the reputation you have now because of what you posted.


     3. Two ways you can protect your online identity is don’t use your full name on the internet and don’t talk about your private life.

4. I think the internet does and it doesn’t. I think it doesn’t because you are allowed to post whatever you want to post. But then again if you cross the line they can track you do and you can get punished.

5. I think cyberbullying is when you mess with somebody over the internet or when you harass them.

6. One type of cyber bullying is harassment. The other one is annoying someone.

7. I think that you should report whoever does that and if you do it you should stop. Cyber bullying caused people to kill themselves.

8. 1. Don’t Bully people

    2. Don’t give out your information

    3. Be smart

     4. Don’t say anything that you wouldn’t say in person

      5. Watch what you post