Sylvester Mobley Capstone

My capstone project was done on global warming and climate change. Specifically, what causes global warming and climate change and the long-term effects and potential futures based on the effects. My goal for this project was to more or less educate people my age or the people of generation z. Not only to educate them but also to bring awareness in such a way that they would want to approach this with the seriousness that the issue deserves. This is why I created a blog to help with this. The blog I created has 3 different posts and all three are different but connect to the central idea. The first blog post is about the causes of global warming that people do not really hear about, things you would have no idea have such an effect on the climate. The second blog post is about the main cause of global warming and climate change and how the lasting effects they have. The third and final blog post is about the future long-term effects if we continue to not approach these issues with a high level of concern. The blog post discusses future outcomes for what we should expect our world to look like. My capstone is meant to help my generation, generation z to really treat global warming and climate change with a level of seriousness that is needed. This could possibly help out future generations too because that is who we are really trying to help by solving these problems.