Tamir speights capstone

It's been a rough a for years here a Sla beeber and though out my four years here I've accomplished so much, ending out with something meaningful I and two friends made a shelf for 5 graders the porous was to lay the foundation for there soon to come maker space where many young minds can bloom into creative minds This project was very important to me because it taught me a lesson about working with your community and not only just working with your community but also I learned that building something for the future generations to use and be seen for many years to come is also very interesting and rewarding for me as well because the Legacy that I left behind as far as a different various projects I worked on around the city and within my own school at times so building a shelf or through the 5th grade Makerspace with a big deal for me and I suggest to anyone else out there that is doing something that they love that they use that in channel that in a way in which is beneficial to everyone.