Taryn Brown-Agnew, Lamira Jeffreys, & Emajanae Boyd

“Knowing that it has never been done before makes me want to fight even harder.” 
― Misty Copeland

The Capstone project that my two peers and I decided to complete is a dance showcase. The vision for this showcase was to be able to show the individuality of my group members to successfully create a cohesive artistic piece. Dance holds a special place in each one of our lives. 
Dancing is a unique art that only requires passion. To us dance is just not any movement put together; it's harder than many people may think. Dancing has certain moral and lessons. “ Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Pull up, turn out, head straight, toes pointed and tuck your butt”. Being a dancer takes a lot of courage. Dancers are consistently told there aren’t good enough to make it professionally or their too “thick” to be a ballerina. Dance is the best medium in which people show the world their true colors, showing their vulnerable side. When we dance, we connect with the music that affects our body, our thoughts, and the mind. We dance because there is nothing that can engage us physically, emotionally and socially. It's a journey of growth that helps us understand the world from a different perspective. 
Throughout a dance career, you get the best dancers in the world and ones who inspire you as a person. Our vision was to share our craft with others, we thought that making up an SLA dance team would help others to break out their shells and try to do something positive within our community. Within this project, we learn how to become a role model and for them to become part of a sisterhood. However, the making of this team was not the easiest task.